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Take your daughters and your sons to this absorbing performance. Let them be inspired by true feminism.’ - DIVA Magazine
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‘Beautifully written, powerfully performed and reaching the hearts of everyone listening... A resplendent feminist perspective on female involvement in combat’ - BROADWAY BABY

Dead Equal at Summerhall's Army@TheFringe 2019

Venue 210
Army @ The Fringe in association with Summerhall

Music: Rose Miranda Hall

Libretto: Lila Palmer

Director: Miranda Cromwell

Music Director: James Garner

Production Designer: Anna Driftmeir

Flora Sandes: Teiya Kasahara

Emily Simmonds: Lila Palmer

Joanna Epske: Simone Ibbett Brown

Produced by Palmer & Hall Music

Company Manager: Will Edelsten

Sound Design: Richard Bell

Light Design: Michael Pincher

Production Manager: Andreas Ayling 

Orchestra: Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland

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Dead Equal 2016

In collaboration with Librettist Lila Palmer, Dead Equal was performed with Helios Collective Formations project 2016. Masterclasses with Janis Kelly 14th November, Mark Wigglesworth 15th, Jonathan Moore 17th, David Poutney 18th and Judith Weir 24th. The final Triple Opera Performance was Friday 25th November at Lillian Bayliss House, ENO. 


Dead Equal 

‘Special Treatment.’ ‘Falling standards.’ ‘Rising casualties.’

In 2016, a chorus of critical voices lamented the entry of servicewomen into full combat roles in the British Army. But in 1916, one British woman was already fighting on the Allied front line. Flora Sandes became a public heroine. A century later, her successors go operational. 


Through the stories of three women, real and imagined, Dead Equal celebrates the courage and sacrifice of women in theatres of war, probing the cost and meaning of service, the influence of social structures, and the disruptive power of a female identity forged in blood and sweat.

  • Composer – Rose Miranda Hall

  • Librettist – Lila Palmer

  • Co-Directors – Helena Jackson and Caolan Keaveney

  • Conductor – Noah Mosley

  • Répétiteur – Laurie O'Brien

  • Singers – Gráinne Gillis, Jennifer Parker, Susanna Buckle